Building LibBSD for RTEMS using Waf

Welcome to building LibBSD for RTEMS using Waf. This package is a library containing various parts of the FreeBSD kernel ported to RTEMS. The library replaces the networking port of FreeBSD in the RTEMS kernel sources.

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POSIX Compliance (Getting started challenge for RTEMS beginners)

POSIX stands for Portable Operating System Interface for uni-X. POSIX Compliance allows us to port the source code that is running on one machine, can be run on another machine.

This Project deals with the implementation of a subset of functions that are defined in POSIX 1003_1 standard, Due to physical resource constraints, some real-time systems like the small embedded system needs a limited set of operating system functionality. For these type of system, it is necessary that the standards allow the implementation to support only a particular subset of POSIX functions. Real-Time Working Group addressed this subset of function.POSIX profiles defined in FACE Technical Standards, designed for avionics system versus POSIX in RTEMS where some functions are missing.

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