GSoC Milestone 1 Journey

So yeah I have completed all the tasks of my Milestone 1, and it was really an awesome coding period of around 4 weeks. It helps you to learn a lot of stuff, the best part is you have to submit the work before the deadline which creates a sense of responsibility in you.

Journey of 4 weeks:

My end semester exams of the final year got finished on 12th May, I was thinking to start the coding for GSoC just after that, but due to some other plans with my friends(as my end semester exams got over, so yeah celebration is must), therefore I was able to start the coding around 18th May. This is the first time I have contributed to Open Source.

My 1st Milestone tasks were mostly based on the conversion of current RTEMS record item into CTF format using babeltrace. I write the metadata for the current RTEMS record items. Initially I was having difficulty in making the metadata compatible with current RTEMS record items but after trying few examples I got it alright.

I must say one thing which I have learned in my Open Source Development journey is that,


Doing changes in the existing code base to implement your project is really a difficult task, but you really learn from it, as you have to make the changes ensuring that the code does not break anywhere and all the existing part work as earlier too. I found it really difficult in starting, but with the guidance of my mentor and maintainers at RTEMS, I managed to make the changes, which proved to be a success. This made me pretty relaxed that the most difficult stuff of my milestone was completed.

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Written on July 3, 2019